Cipher Octopus - Jan 15, 2019

Three Ways to Get a Head Start in the Age of Privacy

GDPR and CCPA  Cybersecurity ROI

There is a lot to think about with the impending Age of Privacy hanging over all of us. As written in Corporate Compliance Insights, there are three key steps to take when considering how to improve your business' privacy practices to comply with data privacy regulations: 

  1. Enable a cookie consent banner so you're not inadvertently tracking anyone who doesn't wish to share their data. 
  2. Conduct a data audit to understand how your business currently digests, accesses, and stores personal data (yes, that includes internal employee data)
  3. Pay attention to what kind of data you are trusting a third party to secure for you (i.e., data in the cloud)

With GDPR already in effect and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) taking effect in just over a year, it's time to start taking action. Even though you may trust third parties to keep your company data safe, ideally via encryption, that third party will likely not be the one held liable in the event of a data breach—your business will.*  But don't let that scare you. This is an opportunity to take control and be your customers' hero. Using data encryption and strong authentication practices to protect personal data will become a standard business practice, but it doesn't need to be a business-altering endeavor. 

There are many simple ways, like the three suggestions above, to start securing your business against a breach. There are also technologies and resources available to help you not only comply with data protection regulations but stay ahead of them, including the StrongKey Tellaro Data Protection solution.

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*Disclaimer: we are not lawyers and we recommend consulting legal guidance when considering these policies.

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