What You Need to Know About California’s Blockchain Working Group

“Blockchain.” We can say with almost full certainty you’ve come across the term at least once in the last couple months. If you follow or work in investment banking or supply chain management,...
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Data Protection

Sharing Isn't Caring

Comfortable Breaches to Fit Any Lifestyle Do you travel? Do you prefer to drive or fly? Do you have a favorite hotel chain? Use the same entertainment methods from day to day? How long have you...
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Data Privacy

Cloud Vector – Cyber Illness, Infection, and Containment

Infectious Humour Humans have long had strong emotions about the sick, infirm, and deformed. The word monster derives from the Latin word for omen, originating from a time when sick and deformed...
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Is This Thing on? The Feedback Loop Inherent in GDPR

GDPR’s “right to be forgotten” has generated some concerning results. The limits and pitfalls of retrieving one’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is already creating ripples: being able...
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Cybersecurity Industry

More Than A Meal: Cybersecurity Lessons from the Meals on Wheels National Conference

Each year, Meals on Wheels of America hosts senior nutrition and nonprofit professionals from across the country at their annual conference to convene around one thing: how to better support our...
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Data Protection - Aug 22, 2019

A Deduction of Errors

Hacking by Design As early as 1994, the concept of security by design was beginning to take shape; anticipating malicious intent and incorporating designs to circumvent or altogether exclude scenarios exploiting...
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Data Protection - Aug 20, 2019

The 4 Ingredients Needed for Securing Data, First

Creating a tight security plan has in the past few years become a concerning aspect of IT for any business, whether established on the scene or just starting up. Traditional security models bring up images of fortresses and...
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GDPR - Aug 13, 2019


So, in light of the growing frequency of massive breaches—at the time of this writing, Capital One’s 100M-record breach was the most recent—you’ve decided to take responsibility for the relationships you hold with customers—to...
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Technical Tips - Aug 12, 2019

Key Custodians: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

I have worked with a lot of customers and, without a doubt, the most important and frequently neglected facet of managing an appliance I see is key custodianship. Often neglected and forgotten about, the role and accompanying...
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