Jake Kiser Jake Kiser

In his previous life, Jake built and executed growth strategies in both the corporate and nonprofit world for multinational clients across the United States and sub-Saharan Africa. Jake now spends his leisure time racking up activity miles by biking around Durham and chasing his rambunctious toddler. What he does here at StrongKey is harder to define. Fun fact: Jake is also an excellent wedding photographer, but no, he’s not for hire because StrongKey needs him to run operations and stuff.

The Economics of FIDO

You might also like: It’s Time to Join Big Tech with FIDO2-based Strong Authentication (Five reasons to switch to switch to FIDO now) Ever heard of a PICNIC situation? It stands for Problem In Chair N...
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Protecting Connectivity in a 3D-Printed World

The world of industrial manufacturing is finally stepping into the future by capitalizing on the innovations of the 3D-printing revolution. The resulting field of this technological marriage between t...
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Protecting COVID-19 Medical Data Using FIDO

In the world of cyber espionage, the law of supply and demand reigns supreme—so it shouldn't be a surprise that in our pandemic-stricken present, there's no hotter commodity on the current black marke...
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Mid-sized Healthcare Organizations Need Enterprise-sized Security

Mid-sized healthcare facilities are facing serious network threats. For instance, an Osterman Research report revealed that the healthcare industry is exceptionally vulnerable to ransomware. The repor...
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Why Mid-Size Businesses Must Have Enterprise-Grade Security

Just because mid-market businesses are smaller doesn’t mean they should act small when it comes to cybersecurity. The percentage of mid-market businesses that have experienced a cyber-attack is up fro...
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