A. Khedron de León A. Khedron de León

Khedron is the Technical Writer for StrongKey; he also manages many of the web assets, having been a database engineer in a previous life for a Fortune 15 corporation. Khedron enjoys bringing flavorful language and personality to an otherwise misunderstood industry.

Cloud Vector – Cyber Illness, Infection, and How to Contain Them

Infectious Humour Humans have long had strong emotions about the sick, infirm, and deformed. The word monster derives from the Latin word for omen, originating from a time when sick and deformed child...
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The Feedback Loop Inherent in GDPR

GDPR’s “right to be forgotten” has generated some concerning results. The limits and pitfalls of retrieving one’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is already creating ripples: being able to o...
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A Deduction of Errors

Hacking by Design As early as 1994, the concept of security by design was beginning to take shape; anticipating malicious intent and incorporating designs to circumvent or altogether exclude scenarios...
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So, in light of the growing frequency of massive breaches—at the time of this writing, Capital One’s 100M-record breach was the most recent—you’ve decided to take responsibility for the relationships ...
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Self-Worth: the Cost of Identity

The Weighted Scales of Justice In 2012, BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) of Tennessee paid $1.5M to cover the 2009 breach of 1 million patients’ data—about $1.50 a person. Counting the $17M spent on analys...
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TLS: Too Little Security

This article assumes basic knowledge of SSL, TLS, and how those support secure web browsing. For a thorough overview or just a refresher, check out this resource. Around the turn of the century, some ...
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