Arshad Noor Arshad Noor

After 32 years of experience in the Information Technology sector (including nearly two decades of designing and building key management infrastructures for worldwide mission-critical environments), Arshad has redirected his energy into solving bigger problems—like making breaches irrelevant—with StrongKey. He loves to pursue personal fitness and health, which handily offsets his passion for sweets. As Arshad fervently stays abreast of cybersecurity news, he is always ready to engage in a friendly debate about authentication or recent breach news.
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Automating Data Protection Across the Enterprise

Introduction With the unabated growth of the internet, companies are being challenged to protect unprecedented quantities of data from determined and targeted attacks. While security regulations manda...
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Why Software Remains Insecure—and Why It Really Shouldn't

In a recent blog post, Daniel Meissler theorizes that the benefits of quickly building bad software have so far outweighed the downsides. Though this sounds plausible and seductive, there is a more in...
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The Best Data Breach Tactics to Deploy Now

A top-of-mind question for business leaders across all industries is how to eliminate the risk of a data breach. In addition to removing sensitive data from your business process, there are two other ...
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Marriott—the 500M Record Scandal Marring the Hospitality Industry

I have been a customer of Marriott for over 25 years. With some exceptions, the Marriott chain has been able to hold onto my loyalty with their service better than banks, credit card issuers, airlines...
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Preparing for Stronger Data Privacy Law Based on GDPR and CCPA

Three Steps to Bolster Privacy The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may signal a coming global standard for data protection. Why? Business. The ...
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ACT Quickly to Ensure the Safety of Your Data

Keeping a financial services organization’s data safe can seem like mission impossible, but focusing on the application layer will eliminate the vast majority of data breach risks. Within this layer, ...
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