Suhail Noor Suhail Noor

Suhail’s career has been spent managing projects that improve healthcare outcomes and care delivery via improvements in technology. At StrongKey, Suhail’s role as Technical Project Manager allows him to bring to bear his experience with sensitive data in an industry that is becoming more and more globally mission-critical every day.

Cloudy, with a Chance of Breaches

In an extremely short amount of time, the average person’s familiarity with and usage of the cloud has skyrocketed—both intentionally, and behind the scenes; you can even sip on a cup of coffee made v...
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PCI DSS Compliance: Only 1 out of 3 Companies Are Properly Protecting Credit Card Data

LAST UPDATED: 06/05/2020 “We’ve been breached and millions of records are in the hands of attackers. But don’t worry; we promise to do better.”
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