The Next Generation of Identity and Access Management: Going Passwordless

Passwords are passé. Yes, they’re an outdated method of validating one’s identity. But how do we evolve past them? This webinar is about going passwordless with the next generation of access and authentication.
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Passwordless Authentication: How It Works and Why You Need It

Let's face it: passwords are a pain. Fortunately there’s FIDO, an easier and more secure open source authentication option. Join StrongKey's Solutions Architect Norman Field for an interactive webinar on using Fast Identification Online to remove pas...
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Mitigating Security Risks for Remote Employees during COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented measures to protect the human race from what has evolved into a pandemic. The global business community has primarily made the decision to work from home. But what does a fully remote team mean for your busine...
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Getting Ready for Passwordless Authentication with FIDO2

StrongKey CTO, Arshad Noor, has previously given this presentation at the CA Cybersecurity Education Summit 2019, and at the January 2020 edition of the ISSA RTP monthly meeting. This seminar covers a comprehensive introduction to FIDO2, explaining t...
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FIDO and PKI Integration in Enterprise – Best Practices

StrongKey’s CTO, Arshad Noor, collaborated on this white paper published by the FIDO Alliance to help illustrate how to integrate FIDO’s strong, encryption-backed authentication into enterprise organizations using PKI.
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