Cipher Octopus - Jan 17, 2020

Getting Ready for Passwordless Authentication with FIDO2

FIDO  Culture/Influence

StrongKey CTO, Arshad Noor, has previously given this presentation at the CA Cybersecurity Education Summit 2019, and at the January 2020 edition of the ISSA RTP monthly meeting. This seminar covers a comprehensive introduction to FIDO2, explaining the differences between the new protocol from the prior two that were standardized a few years ago, and how the newest protocol works.

INTRODUCTIONGetting Ready For Passwordless Authentication with FIDO2

The field of computing adopted passwords in the middle of the last century.

We continue to use them as an authentication mechanism even as we begin the third decade of the current century and that is a fundamental problem with today’s data protection strategy...

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