Complying with GDPR – Data Protection Done Right

This data sheet illustrates how StrongKey's solutions can help you with data protection, by focusing on security data, first. This document includes:
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Becoming GDPR Compliant

With data breaches as a mainstay in news headlines, more companies are taking responsibility for the relationships they hold with customers and aiming to protect the trust they have placed in them. To do so, an important step is becoming GDPR-complia...
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FIDO Authentication and the GDPR

If you’re looking to understand how FIDO’s strong, encryption-backed authentication can apply to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), check out this white paper published by the FIDO Alliance to gain deeper insights.
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FIDO Relevance for GDPR

The FIDO Alliance recently released an FAQ on how its authentication protocols help companies control access to and permissions for data—a key component for GDPR compliance.
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