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30 Nov 2020

FIDO Discusses Future of Authentication on Final Day of Authenticate

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The FIDO Alliance turned its attention to the future on the last day of its inaugural Authenticate event. The day’s speakers discussed some of the ways in which FIDO’s authentication standards will evolve in the next few years, and then went on to detail some of the things that organizations can do to support those strong authentication practices moving forward.

To that end, the day started with a session that analyzed the differences between public-key cryptography (which underpins FIDO’s standards) and more traditional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. StrongKey CTO Arshad Noor explained that FIDO does not use x.509 digital certificates, and instead uses keys that do not expire. With that in mind, Noor went on to argue that the FIDO standard is not as complex as legacy PKI systems.