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26 Feb 2019

StrongKey Announces FIDO Server as Free Open-Source Software

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Open-Source FIDO Server Enables Rapid Application Development and Integration for the Latest in Crypto-based Authentication

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Feb. 26, 2019 – StrongKey, the leading provider of cryptographic key management solutions, today announced the availability of a free, open-source FIDO server so developers can easily integrate passwordless authentication into their web applications. StrongKey’s FIDO server features the latest FIDO2 standard and delivers secure, public key cryptography-based authentication to enable a future of where passwords are replaced with biometrics.

The open-source FIDO server is available at

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The world of cybersecurity and regulations pertaining to user privacy is increasingly complex. StrongKey’s open-source FIDO server helps meet regulations by removing passwords and password storage, thus enabling application creators and software companies to protect user data for compliance. FIDO successfully protects against phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle and malware attacks. More information about the FIDO standard is available at the FIDO Alliance (

Key benefits apply to multiple stakeholders:

  • Web App Developers: Free online resources provide rapid FIDO integration with existing authentication systems.
  • CISOs: StrongKey’s open-source FIDO server provides the tools to eliminate the number one source of breaches: passwords.
  • Startups: Startups can jump straight to the industry’s most secure authentication standard to improve the user experience and enhance security.

Arshad Noor, CTO of StrongKey, said: “Removing passwords has become a critical necessity in light of today’s cyberthreat environment. Since FIDO represents the industry’s best path towards finally removing the long-standing problem with shared secrets, we’ve decided to contribute our FIDO server to the open-source community for the betterment of everyone. We invite developers to participate so organizations can leave passwords behind and build customer trust with the strongest authentication available today. 

Alissa Knight, senior analyst, cybersecurity practice, Aite Group, said: “By using FIDO2 protocols, which are quickly becoming the industry standard, companies can offer customers the latest and strongest multifactor authentication possible. The availability of free, open-source, community-supported, standards-compliant FIDO2 server software makes it easy to integrate data security and privacy into existing or new authentication systems.”

About StrongKey

StrongKey is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California. It is the leader in enterprise key management infrastructure, bringing new levels of capability and data security at a price point significantly lower than other solutions on the market. Providing products and services in symmetric key management, encryption, tokenization and strong authentication, StrongKey is focused on securing data in cloud computing, e-commerce, healthcare, finance and other sectors mandating protection of sensitive data. StrongKey’s solutions are installed at customer sites around the world and are key components of mission-critical business operations. 


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