14 Dec 2020

StrongKey Announces Dockerized Version of Its FIDO2 Server

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Cupertino, CA—December 14, 2020—StrongKey, Inc. has announced that its FIDO CertifiedTM Open Source FIDO2 Server is now available for deployment in the cloud through a dockerized container. StrongKey is known for offering the first (and only) FIDO CertifiedTM open source FIDO2 server on the market. Certified by the FIDO Alliance for U2F in 2015 and for FIDO2 in 2019,  StrongKey’s server has provided customers with best-in-class authentication solutions for custom deployments around the globe. Releasing the certified server in a containerized format enables even greater levels of flexibility, all while maintaining StrongKey’s commitment to affordability and industry leading security.

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Earlier this year, StrongKey announced CryptoCloud: Key Management as a Service (the ease of cloud key management paired with the security of single-tenant hardware). This addition to the StrongKey suite of products is timely with most teams working remotely due to the pandemic.

StrongKey will continue to stand by its open source declaration. The cloud offering is available on GitHub here.

“A part of being a successful business is having the ability to discern when to listen to the market, respond, and adapt appropriately,” says COO Jake Kiser. “By providing a dockerized version of our FIDO2 server, customers can now adjust the number of servers in a more elastic way. They can scale up (or down) the number of servers on demand.”

StrongKey will continue to offer around-the-clock support for customers, even as they deploy on their own terms.

“The docker container is fundamental to the flexibility of the deployment,” says Technical Project Manager Suhail Noor. “Being able to deploy additional instances of the FIDO server on demand, immediately responding to increased traffic...these are things that will allow even the largest organizations to use FIDO without worrying about performance.”

StrongKey will continue to offer on-prem or hybrid FIDO2 server options  for companies who prefer those deployments.

“Customers will have the ability to rapidly scale FIDO on demand and not be locked into fees, all while using whatever environment they want,” says COO Jake Kiser.

You can learn more about StrongKey’s FIDO CertifiedTM Open Source FIDO2 Server here.

Dockerized Version of FIDO2 Server

About StrongKey: StrongKey is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California and Durham, North Carolina. As a leader in enterprise key management infrastructure, StrongKey is bringing new levels of data security to the market at a price point significantly lower than other solutions. Providing products and services for strong authentication, data confidentiality, and data integrity, StrongKey is focused on securing data for sectors that mandate the protection of sensitive data. StrongKey’s solutions are installed at customer sites around the world and are key components of mission-critical business operations.

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