08 Dec 2021

StrongKey Contributes to FIDO® Certified Professional Certification

FIDO  Employee Spotlight  Culture/Influence

The FIDO Alliance reached out to industry leaders and requested help creating viable questions for a professional certification program. Coordinated by Professional Testing Inc., the FIDO® Certified Professional Certification included dozens of subject matter experts from across the globe with a wide range of interests and exposure to use cases. StrongKey was honored to be included, and assigned Senior Technical Writer A. Khedron de León to the task; he brings to bear previous experience as an Instructional Designer and four years of writing for StrongKey. By sharing our expertise with the FIDO community, StrongKey hopes to foster a future free of shared secret (passwords, OTPs, etc.) authentication where digital identity and strong authentication are available with confidence for all.

Contributing SMEs generated and peer-reviewed dozens of submitted questions, plumbing the disparate nuances of the FIDO ecosystem to glean the most salient facts that would best demonstrate mastery over the subject matter. StrongKey is proud to give back and hopes the investment in the community will pay forward immeasurably and for a long time to come.THE PROGRAM