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10 Apr 2018

StrongKey Announces New Security Solution: The Tellaro

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The Tellaro packages enterprise security in an appliance for small and medium businesses and satellite offices.

StrongKey (formerly StrongAuth) announces plans to introduce the Tellaro, a security appliance with a FIDO Certified Server solution included among many other capabilities to protect SMBs from ransomware, password, and phishing attacks.

The Tellaro—similar to its enterprise-proven sibling, KeyAppliance—enables web and mobile developers to smoothly integrate FIDO-based strong authentication, encryption, and digital signature-based transaction authorization into their applications, and equips businesses with security they need. The Tellaro will be debuted at the 2018 RSA conference in San Francisco, focusing on making available the same industrial strength technology used by StrongKey’s current government and enterprise customers worldwide, but at a price point designed for small to medium-size businesses, as well as branch offices and new startups.

Tellaro makes use of the StrongKey CryptoEngineTM (SKCE)—certified in 2015 by the FIIDO Alliance as a Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) FIDO Certified Server—to provide strong authentication to secure sensitive data. While the Tellaro server currently uses the FIDO U2F standard, StrongKey is committed to including a FIDO Certified Server implementation of the upcoming W3C standard for strong authentication, WebAuthn (a.k.a. FIDO 2.0), in the near future. In the meantime, Tellaro boasts a simple, programmable web service that can be integrated into web applications in fewer than two days.

StrongKey offers robust support for the Tellaro anywhere in the world.

Pre-orders and partnership discussions for resale and distribution are being accepted now for the Tellaro's release later in 2018.

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