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27 Nov 2018

StrongKey Expands Market Share with Tellaro Line of Data Security Appliances

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Company Uniquely Combines Encryption and Strong Authentication to Make Breaches Irrelevant

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Nov. 27, 2018 – StrongKey announced today that its Tellaro data security appliance line has reached significant milestones in customer adoption, with more than 49 percent growth in hardware sales already this year. StrongKey has government, military and large enterprise customers with production implementations on six continents. The company also serves mid-market businesses such as legal firms, local healthcare providers, educational institutions and accounting firms. 

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The StrongKey Tellaro line provides secure key storage and management within each of the appliance’s standard FIPS-certified Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or optional Hardware Security Module (HSM) cryptoprocessors. The unique Tellaro T-100 is a smaller, more employable data security appliance ideal for proof of concept and branch office data protection—providing enterprise-grade security at an affordable price. 

Unlike many single-purpose security appliances, Tellaro uniquely integrates several critical cryptographic components into one security solution: data and file encryption, strong authentication, digital signatures and hardware-backed key management with simple-to-use web services that can be integrated within hours.

  • Proven data security: Multiple central banks and some of the largest enterprises in the world use StrongKey’s Tellaro E-1000 technology. Tellaro T-100 contains the identical security technology, scaled for mid-sized businesses to enjoy unprecedented data protection. 
  • Protected encryption keys: Tellaro users never have to worry about attacks on their cloud storage since no one in the cloud—including the cloud service provider—has the ability to decrypt files since the keys do not exist in the cloud. Tellaro hardware protects all encryption keys and ensures only the authorized user controls its security capabilities.
  • A higher standard: Simple to use and easy to integrate, Tellaro harnesses the power of the latest authentication protocol from the FIDO Alliance, which removes the burden of passwords. Recommended by NIST and implemented by Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, PayPal and more than 300 other organizations, this protocol lets users access web applications and files on the Tellaro securely, from anywhere in the world. 

Obaidullah Kazmi, technology head, CREDO Technology Services LLC – Dubai (UAE), said: “Tellaro offers unmatched data encryption and authentication capabilities in the industry today at a competitive price making the ROI for our customers a no-brainer.”

Arshad Noor, CTO, StrongKey, said: “Organizations are beginning to see that firewalls and malware detection software, while necessary, are of no help once an attacker is inside the network. A smarter data security strategy is to make network breaches irrelevant by encrypting data at the application layer so that it is inaccessible to cybercriminals. Our solutions have the robustness that secures the mission-critical and revenue-generating applications for Fortune 50 companies as well as the affordability that enable mid-sized businesses to comply with the most stringent security regulations.”

About StrongKey

StrongKey, Inc. is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California. It is the leader in enterprise key management infrastructure, bringing new levels of capability and data security at a price point significantly lower than other solutions on the market. Providing products and services in symmetric key management, encryption, tokenization and strong authentication, StrongKey is focused on securing data in cloud computing, e-commerce, healthcare, finance and other sectors mandating protection of sensitive data. StrongKey’s solutions are installed at customer sites around the world and are key components of mission-critical business operations.

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