Cipher Octopus - Dec 13, 2019

Corserv Achieves Scalable Growth Using High-volume Tokenizing Service

Payments/E-Commerce  PCI DSS

“We bootstrapped our startup using StrongKey. It was our platform of choice out of the gate because it was the least expensive by a long shot, has a simple API, and makes tokenization easy.

– Andrew Barringer, Director of Network Operations


corserv-logo-new-black-text-largeCorserv is a FinTech startup delivering safe credit card issuer programs and analysis to financial institutions. For more than 7 years they have made themselves a pillar of FinTech by offering a turnkey solution for banks and merchants that issue and support branded credit cards.

Underpinning this company’s compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is StrongKey’s Card Capture Service (CCS), a high-volume tokenizing service that safeguards millions of credit card numbers through hardware-based encryption and key management...


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