Cipher Octopus - Dec 17, 2019

Protecting Your Organization Against Ransomware

FIDO  Ransomware  Cybersecurity ROI  Encryption/Tokenization

From March to June of 2019 alone there was a 184% jump in the average ransom paid by companies to regain access to their information. From city governments to hospitals, we’re seeing this infiltrate all industries; small-to-medium sized companies and government agencies are particularly vulnerable as they do not have the resources of enterprise-scale organizations to protect themselves. Join StrongKey COO, Jake Kiser as he walks you through the ins and outs of Ransomware protection.


Ransomware Webinar ThumbnailKey elements of this webinar include:

  • What makes your company vulnerable
  • How to educate employees on ransomware
  • How to prevent ransomware from getting to your sensitive files



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