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I saved some Italians from marauders back in the day in Tellaro, and now StrongKey named a slick data privacy solution after the place. Since then you may have seen me using my big brain and complex eyes--and numerous tentacles--to find ways to protect sensitive data using open source tech for as low a price as possible.
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Employee Spotlight: Suhail Noor

For the month of December, StrongKey is highlighting our Technical Project Manager, Suhail Noor. A California transplant to the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Suhail always has a winning smile and inf...
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Employee Spotlight: Pushkar Marathe

For the month of September, StrongKey is spotlighting Pushkar Marathe, who just celebrated his 10-year anniversary with the company. Aside from being a mainstay on our fitness competition board, he so...
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The 4 Ingredients Needed for Securing Data, First

Creating a tight security plan has in the past few years become a concerning aspect of IT for any business, whether established on the scene or just starting up. Traditional security models bring up i...
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Key Custodians: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

I have worked with a lot of customers and, without a doubt, the most important and frequently neglected facet of managing an appliance I see is key custodianship. Often neglected and forgotten about, ...
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The 4 Most Important Takeaways for Technical Safeguards and Compliance

StrongKey and Smith Anderson Law recently co-hosted a round table discussion on technical safeguards with approximately 20 executives from industries including government, healthcare, software, IT, an...
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The Two Network Security Tools Your Mid-Sized Business Needs

Encryption and authentication — let's learn more about why your company needs these security tools. Because IT staff and resources are often sparse within mid-sized businesses, they see the public clo...
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DevSecOps Begins at the Application Layer

In the fast-moving world of DevOps, security sometimes got left by the wayside on the way to the next iteration. But today's threat landscape is so perilous that developers need to have solid security...
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Do Cryptographic Keys Belong in The Cloud?

Thanks to the cloud, organizations of all sizes can enjoy scalability, ease of use, and significant savings by outsourcing hardware and software ownership and maintenance in multi-tenant environments....
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Three Ways to Get a Head Start in the Age of Privacy

There is a lot to think about with the impending Age of Privacy hanging over all of us. As written in Corporate Compliance Insights, there are three key steps to take when considering how to improve y...
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